Why It's Fun to be a Numps

Thursday, March 03, 2005


Woooo-hoooo!!!! It's finally Thursday, and I get my three-day weekend! Ugh, I need it soooo bad after this hellish month. For the last few days I've had that song stuck in my head that goes "We gotta get out of this place/If it's the last thing we ever do/We gotta get out of this place..." Yeah, you know. Anyway, it'll be nice to eat real food this weekend instead of living off of the generic dorm diet of instant Ramen and Easy-Mac. Oh, and on Saturday, I finally get a haircut! I know I sound like such a hopeless teenage girl, but I have the WORST split ends ever and I am so glad they'll be gone. Wow. I can't believe I just made you listen to me talk about my split ends. That's just wrong. I'm sorry. Dang, I am soo very ADHD today. Really, I have the attention span of a fly on amphetamines right now. Oooooohhh... amphetamines.... Just kidding. ;)


PS: I swear, when I decided to start this blog, I didn't know my life was so damn boring.


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